Patient Inbox

Putting patients at the heart of your communications system.
Say “so long” to the days of wrangling voicemails, missed calls, and urgent texts. RevenueWell’s new Patient Inbox shows you who needs your care, regardless of how they contacted you. See their whole, omnichannel conversation and simply respond!

  • The Inbox currently will display:

    • Inbound, Outbound & Missed Calls (for Phones 2.0 subscribers)
    • Voicemails (for Phones 2.0 subscribers)
    • Texts (Includes Direct & Campaign-based messages)
    To access, users will click on the new inbox tray button in the toolbar.

    The inbox tray icon displays a count of the new messages the practice may need to respond to. The Messenger notification dot will go away when a user clicks into the Conversation.

  • The Inbox is sorted by recent communications. Users can search the Inbox by name or number or use filters.

    Available filters include:

    • Phone
    • SMS
    • Unread
    • Starred
    • Archive


  • Clicking a message in the Inbox opens a conversation (see right).

    The Unified Inbox itself is sorted by the most recent number communicated with. When opening a conversation from the Unified Inbox:

    • If the number matches a patient, communication with any of the patient’s phones are included.
    • When multiple patients share the same phone number, all of the message history for each of those patients will display 

    Conversations can also be accessed from alerts & patient profiles, showing communications with the specific patient. If the patient is a dependent that shares a number with the responsible party, then the RP’s communications are also shown.

    When you respond in a conversation, you must choose which number you’re sending to. If there are multiple family members in the conversation, each number includes the patient’s name. For example, “Cell (Ashley)”.  respond (1).png

    conversations (1).png
  • You can now find the option to Mark All as Read in the Patient inbox right side menu:


    Once selected, you will see all notifications cleared from the Patient Inbox as well as the Messenger view: