Text Message Blur

Text Message Blurring is a powerful privacy feature that allows you to protect sensitive information shared via text messages within the RevenueWell platform. Whether you're sending medical records, financial data, or any other confidential information, this feature ensures that your data remains secure and compliant with privacy regulations. 

    1. Open the conversation that contains content you would to blur
    2. Press ctrl and click on the text to see a menu to hid the text

    3. Click "Hide" to blur the text messages:
    4. The message will then show "Content is hidden" like the example below:
    5. To unhide content they press ctrl and click on the hidden content to show the unhide menu
  • To hide an image based message you need to use the menu in the upper right of the image.
    1. Hover over the image to make the menu appear
    2. Click on the menu and select "Hide" to hide the images as shown below
    3. Hover over the image and select "Unhide" to show the image again