MySecurePractice: FAQs

In this section we will go over the following:

  1. MySecurePractice Terms of Use
  2. HIPAA Privacy Policy
  3. SecureMail FAQ (coming soon)
  4. I've just created a MySecurePractice portal account.  What's next?
  5. What is 2-Step Verification?
  6. How many login attempts before my account is locked out?
  7. How do I reset my password?
  8. Can I update my practice's account information at a later date?
  9. What Browsers are Compatible with MySecurePractice?
  10. Is MySecurePractice Mobile Compatible?
  11. What File Types are accepted within MySecurePractice?
  12. Does PBHS share my data with third parties?
  13. Can truForm store submitted credit card information?
  14. What is the max file size when uploading to MySecurePractice (truForm) (Collaborator) (SecureMail)

  1. Q:  I've just created a MySecurePractice portal account. What's next?

    A:  Thank you for registering! Once you have fully setup your account you may login to the portal ( at any time using your email address and password. Here you will have access to any products you have purchased in your Dashboard.

    Send Secure Message Instructions

    Click here

    View Cases Instructions

    Click here

    Secure Inbox Instructions

    Click here

    Access Forms Instructions

    Click here

    Refer Case Instructions

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    Update Profile Instructions

    Click here

  2. Q:  What is two-step verification? Is it required?

    A:  The two-step verification process is an additional security measure we have incorporated within the MySecurePractice portal. This is a way for a new user (or existing user resetting their password) to verify their identity both by using their email address (initial invitation email) as well as a phone number (text or call a secret code for verification). When setting or resetting a password, the two-step verification process will automatically be in place however you may turn off this feature within your user profile settings.

    • To learn how to turn this off or on, click here (INSTRUCTIONS COMING SOON).

  3. Q:  How many login attempts before my account is locked out?

    A:  For your security, our system allows 5 incorrect login attempts before your account is locked out. Please notify PBHS Support of your account's email address so we can assist you with unlocking your account and resetting your password.

    You will also be automatically logged out of the system after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  4. Q:  How do I reset my password?

    A:  If you are locked out or need a password reset, follow these instructions.

  5. Q:  Can I update my practice's account information at a later date?

    A:  Once registered, you will only have access to your user account information (email address, first and last name, phone numbers, time zone, ADA number and specialties). You will not be able to update your main practice account information entered in during the registration process - this must be updated by PBHS Support!

  6. Q:  Is the new MySecurePractice portal compatible with all browsers?

    A:  We recommend using the most updated Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari web browsers with our new portal. Unfortunately the portal is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and below, the user will be prompted to update their browser.

  7. Q:  Is the new MySecurePractice portal mobile compatible?

    A:  Yes, our portal currently supports mobile devices. We recommend the iOS platform, however we only support iOS 12.5.1 and above (noting any versions below 12.5.1 are no longer supported by Apple, which can cause security risks on a device that can no longer be updated.

  8. Q:  What are the accepted file types and maximum upload size when uploading attachments for secure messaging and Collaborator?

    A:  Attachment Size Limit:   Max upload size is 300MB total for ALL attachments (per sent email). File Types Accepted:
    • Learn how to attach files to a submitted case, click here (LINK COMING SOON).
  9. Q:  Does PBHS share my data with third parties?

    A:  PBHS only shares data with third parties via integrations requested by our clients: ie practice management systems. Any data used for analytics of our delivery mechanisms is stripped of all PHI and anonymized.

  10. Q:  Can truForm store submitted credit card information?

    A:  truForm security benchmarks target PHI requirements, not credit card information, and is therefore not suited for that purpose.  We currently do NOT allow credit card information to be submitted on any truForm.

  11. Q:  What is the max file size that can be uploaded?

    A:  truForm:  Max upload size is 100MB (per file) / Collaborator:  Max upload size is 500MB (per file) / SecureMail:  Max upload is 300MB (per email)