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Collaborator: Refer A Case To An Existing Doctor Within The System

  1. Login
  2. Select the Refer Case icon:
    **note, you may not see all icons that appear above.
    • If you have already moved past the dashboard, select Cases on your left hand menu as seen below- this will bring you to your Collaborator Dashboard:    


    • Select the Create a Case option located on the far left menu, or select the Create a Case button located on the right below:
  3. Select a Doctor you wish to refer to:
    **Please note you can only refer to a doctor, staff members will not show under this view.  Once the case is referred, you can then ADD a staff member onto this case.  
    • Colleagues will appear at the top if you've communicated with that doctor within MySecurePractice previously or added them manually.
    • Other Specialties will search any registered doctors within our MySecurePractice
        • You can Search by Specialty, Procedure, Miles from your Practice
        • You can use the Search Bar to search for the doctor by Name or Practice
        • The first section of doctors will contain any doctors you have invited to use the systemrefer-a-case4.png
  4. Once you find the correct doctor, select the + Send Case button to begin:
  5. Complete the referral form.  
    **Note, this referral form will vary depending on what specialty the doctor you are referring to is (OMS, Perio, Endo, etc):
  6. Once complete, select the Complete and Send button (located at the bottom of the form):
  7. This will send your referral information and x-rays (if uploaded) to your referred to doctor. 
  8. Here you will have a few additional options:
    1. View Case
    2. View Dashboard
    3. Refer Case
    4. Add Attachments   

When you Create a Case, there is now also an option to Assign Case to Self.  This will allow you to submit a referral/case to yourself (This will mostly be useful to specialists as opposed to general practitioners).  You can then add associated doctors onto the case, like the referring doctor. 
**For complete instructions, click here.