SEO Reports

Launch Local

Launch Local Report Information

If you have any of the following active Launch Local Campaigns below:

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3

PBHS will email your practice with 2 monthly reports on the progress of your campaign which includes: 

  1. Dashboard report from Google Analytics on the first of each month, with your site's traffic data.
  2. Personalized PBHS SEO Reports are also emailed out on the 9th (or next business day) of each month.

You will most receive your first report in 1-2 months after your campaign has initiated. Please remember - the SEO campaign process takes time.

Your Personalized SEO Reports can also be seen in your MySecurePractice Account at anytime.  Through MySecurePractice, you can view detailed data and historical trends for your campaign, as well as tasks completed and recommendations.

  • If you would like assistance if logging into your PBHS SEO Report from, please contact your SEO Account Manager by calling 800-840-5383 or emailing
  • You can also Reply to your monthly report emails you receive and we will respond as soon as possible.

Your SEO Account Manager

Your SEO Account Manager is also available to assist with the following:

  • Login Process for MySecurePractice
  • Review of information within Reports
  • Assist with changes to your website
  • Scheduling a call with your SEO Analyst to discuss strategy based on the report data  (by calling 800-840-5383 or emailing

Launch Lite - Monitoring

Launch Lite Report Information

You will not receive regular reports via email, but you can login to MySecurePractice to view your data at anytime, which is updated quarterly. 

  • *Launch Lite - Monitoring is no longer offered to new clients.

If you would like assistance, our SEO Support team is available at or by calling 800-840-5383.