Collaborator: Case Manager

Case Manager Introduction

Case Manager role is an easy way for staff to gain control of collaborator cases (viewing any cases that your doctor(s) have been referred to, by or are added onto any case as an associated doctor).  

The doctor can still login at anytime and make any modifications needed.  

With a Case Manager role, you can:

  • View all cases your doctors are on:  referred to, referred by or an added as a associated doctor on the case.
  • Anytime you make a change, you will be identified as your own user (not the doctor)- so it is clear who made this change. 

  • You would be able to view any case (for any doctor in your practice who is the referred by, referred to, or associated doctor)
  • You can show all cases assigned to your doctor, or if multiple doctors- you can select a doctor to see only their cases.  

Case Manager

If you are a staff member and you would like this role added, please email this request to our support team ( or 888-840-0739).  

In this example, we are using a staff member who has a case manager role in a multi-doctor practice. Each doctor in the office is setup as a user, this way outside practices can refer to them as needed.  From the staff's login, they will now have access to each case the doctor is on (either as  referred by, referred to or associated doctor).  

As the staff member who has "Case Manager" access:

  1. Once you login
  2. Select View Cases
  3. This will bring you to your Collaborator Dashboard, you will notice a "All Doctors" Dropdown:2023-08-14_07-52-50.png
  4. By default your list view within Collaborator will show you all cases (for any doctors you have within your case)
  5. If you select a doctor from the above dropdown, it will display any cases which they are the referred to, referred by or added as an associated doctor & staff (as seen below).2023-08-14_07-53-32.png
  6. Anytime you make ANY changes to this case, you will be identified by your user so everyone involved can see exactly who made the change:
    • Accepting or Rejecting a Case
    • Referring a Case
    • Modifying an Existing Case