Collaborator: Introduction

In this section, we will go over the following:

  1. Collaborator Overview
  2. How does it work?


Our system allows you to easily and securely collaborate to best manage patient care. You can send complete referrals, communicate back and forth using "Doctor Talk" and upload relevant attachments and x-rays. You can even invite the patient to ask questions and participate in their treatment plan.

We invite specialists and referring doctors alike to use the Collaborator portion of our secure portal to better manage patient cases online and follow the patient's care all the way through treatment and post-op. When you decide to purchase a paid Collaborator account, you will be able to invite your colleagues and collaborate with any other doctor that has signed up for the system!



Our MySecurePractice Collaborator is an "open system" and based on tiered data plans. Ideally as a specialist, you might be interested in purchasing a data plan and inviting your colleagues to send you referrals through the system free of charge. Patient cases only count towards your data when the case is accepted - providing you valuable business!

The platform exists in conjunction with our MySecurePractice SecureMail service, once you have an existing account you can use either product as well as our SEO reporting and truForm platforms! You can sign up on your own or register an account when you are invited through the system.

Collaborator data plans receive a complimentary paid SecureMail account (which is able to compose messages) and any existing SecureMail account can accept up to 10 free Collaborator cases!

Once you have created your account using your email address and password, you are able to communicate securely with any other practice within the system!
Currently there is no Collaborator integration with any software companies. Please check back every so often for further updates.

Please contact our Sales team at 800-840-5383 if you might be interested in a demo of our MySecurePractice Collaborator today!