truForm: Henry Schein - Software Version & Differences

In this section, we will go over:

  1. Checking Your Henry Schein Software Version
  2. Henry Schein Software Version Map


  1. Within your Henry Schein software, select the Help drop down menu
  2. Select About and a small window will open (as shown below)
  3. You will see the version of the software you are on, and the date it was installed at the bottom of this window (centered)- see below, highlighted in yellow
  4. You must have the version 15.0 and the install date must be 9/23/2016 or after for integration to work correctly.  


Use new API would need to be checked within the HS software
115005493683 - 360001598603 - use-new-api.png
**A Henry Schein rep will need to configure this setting within your software.  You can call the customer support line at (800) 323-3370 Option 2. Support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:15 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time. TruForm can only be used with HS software v.15.0 and up (and this software version has to be installed 9/23/16 and after for integration to work).

(most clients will jump from 15.0 to 15.1, skipping 15.0 PST)

Software Version

DV v15.0
installed 9/23/16 or after

DV v15.0 PST
installed 9/23/16 or after

DV v15.1 &
v15.1 PST 
installed 9/23/16
or after

DV v15.2
installed 9/23/16
or after

Platform Used 

  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0

TF Integration

  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0
  • Same as DV v15.0

Additional Features






  • Integration for new patients only
  • Multi-office:  If you share one Henry Schein software database, you can only have one truForm login for all offices to share
  • Allergies displayed
  • Medical History Surveys created in EHR for new (pre-reg) patient when those patients are registered
  • Same as DV v15.0,
  • Integration for new and existing patients (preference setting in DV)
  • Download Multiple Forms for one patient (new or existing within HS Software)
  • Multi-office:  If you share one HS database, you can now have a truForm login for each office. PBHS will need your Henry Schein Location ID and fees will apply for mutli-office setup.
  • Everything in 15.0 & 15.0 PST


  • Everything in 15.0 & 15.0 PST