truForm: Henry Schein - Combining Duplicate Pre-Registered Patients In PMS

You can combine two pre-registered patients' records that you have determined are duplicates. For example:

  1. When scheduling the patient's appointment, your practice enters a record for patient 1 in the pre-registration table.
  2. This patient then goes online, and submits their online truForm under a different name (or slightly different naming convention than saved in your Henry Schein software).
  3. When your practice imports that truForm into the pre-registration table, they can combine the record entered by the staff and the one record integrated with truForm by the patient.

Note: For truForm downloads to automatically merge a patient’s information successfully and not create duplicate patients, these fields must match exactly:

  • Patient’s first name
  • Patient’s last name
  • DOB (Date of birth)

To combine a pre-registered patient, follow the below instructions within your Henry Schein software: 

  1. From the File menu,
  2. Select the Pre-Registration option, the Pre-Registration Table window will appear
  3. Click the Combine button (located in the lower/right of the pre-reg screen below)
    115005493683 - 360009304232 - hs-step1.png
  4. The Combine Pre-Registration Patients dialog box will appear. 
  5. Under Combine, select the record that you want to move.
    • You will be given the option later to delete this record or not.
  6. Under Into, select the record that you want to keep.

    • Any missing information in this record will be added from the other record if that record has had that information entered. Any information in this record that does not match or is the same as what has been entered in the other record will be ignored.

  7. Select the OK button, a confirmation message will appear

  8. Select the Yes button

  9. A message appears and asks if you want to delete the record being moved:

    1. Select Yes to delete the record

    2. Select No to leave the record (you will be able to view the unused record from the Pre-Registration Table window).

Note: Whether or not the record that was moved was deleted, the joining of the pre-registered patients is stored in the Security Log but with limited details.