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truForm: Henry Schein - Accessing TruForm Within Your PMS

The TruForm integration requires no additional charge from PBHS, and can be setup at anytime with your PBHS TruForm order. Please contact PBHS Support further if you are ready to start this process.

In order to complete this section, you must complete the below items:

  1. Add MySecurePractice Generated Credentials into Henry Schein Software (one time setup)
  2. If truForm doctor signatures are turned ON, you MUST sign through MySecurePractice FIRST (for each truForm submission)

Once the 2 items above are completed, please follow the instructions below:

*Please note, you will need to contact your software provider to obtain more information about the pricing for their TruForm bridge, as there may be additional fees.

Please note, v.15.0 and up will only work with this truForm integration if this version was installed 09/23/2016 and after.

Click here to check your version and date

Tip for pre-registering patients: Some offices direct all their patients to their website to pre-register. Some offices add patients to the pre-registration table, and then have the patients go on their website to pre-register so they can create a truForm. Both of these processes work, and it is up to your office to decide which process works best.

After the truForms are downloaded and imported, you can access them in the following ways:

To access truForms in the Pre-Registration Table window

  1. From the File menu, click Pre-Registration.
  2. The Pre-Registration Table window will appear.
    Note: Any newly pre-registered patients will have a green box in the web/HL7 column.
    115005493683 - 360009307952 - hs-step1.png
  3. Select the patient's name whose forms you want to access from the Pre-Registration Table window
  4. Click the Form button 
  5. Select the truForm from the menu

This form is transferred to the patient’s account when the patient is registered and can also be viewed in EHR.

Accessing truForms in the Patient Information Center Control Panel

  1. Select the patient and open the Patient Information Center.
  2. In the Patients Control Panel:
    115005493683 - 360013222211 - hs-view1.png
  3. Navigate below to the Actions section:
    115005493683 - 360013222191 - hs-view2.png      
  4. Select the Print/View option:
    115005493683 - 360013222171 - hs-view3.png      
  5. From the menu, select the truForm Medical Form option:
    115005493683 - 360013211912 - hs-view4.png
  6. This will open the submitted TruForm in whatever application you have set as your Default PDF viewer:
    115005493683 - 360013222331 - hs-view5.png

To access truForms in the Documents window

  1. Select the patient and open the Patient Information Center.
  2. In the Control Panel, under Clinical, click Documents.
  3. Navigate to and open the patient and then the truForms (or Online Forms) folder.
    Note: The truForms folder cannot be deleted or modified.

To access truForms in the Objective - History in the EHR

  1. Select the patient and open the Patient Information Center.
  2. Click Electronic Health Record to open the patient's EHR.
  3. Under Objective - History, click the Medical Forms tab (this will only be present if you've purchased the Pre-Registration Connection add-on).
  4. Click the truForm button at the bottom of the section.