truForm: Henry Schein - Adding Integration Credentials Into PMS

Within your Henry Schein Software, please complete the following steps to connect your truForm account within your PMS.  

  1. You must first generate the needed credentials through MySecurePractice
  2. Within your PMS, select the File drop down,
  3. Select the Pre-Registration option
    • The Pre-Registration table window will appear below
    • Note:  Any newly pre-registered patients will have a green box in the web/HL7 column
  4. Select the Download Forms or Download truForms option on your right hand side
  5. The Download Forms dialog box will appear, insert your generated integration username and password to connect and download any truForm submissions.
    • Under Messages, a status message may appear, letting you know that the download may take a few moments
    • Once you insert your user/password within the window above, they will be saved and stored for future integration use.
  6. When the download is complete, click the Close button
    Once the truForms are downloaded, you can access them in the Pre-Registration Table.

Henry Schein Notes:

  • If the patient's first name, last name, and date of birth match an existing patient, the patient information is automatically combined. If the new patient form is for an existing patient but these three fields do not match (due to a misspelling or different first name--Steve vs. Steven), you can manually combine the duplicate patients.
  • If the patient's first name, last name, and date of birth match an existing patient, the referrer and insurance profile information is also downloaded.


  1. Once you generate your user credentials here
  2. Review your username, if it is less than 40 characters you will be able to connect correctly using the above steps (ignore the below steps).
  3. If you find that your generated email is more than 40 characters long (which will not work within Henry Schein Software) you will need to:
    • OPTION 1: 
    • OPTION 2: 
      • You can use your normal credentials (which you use to login directly to Note: every 90 days this password will expire and you will need to update your password within your software once you reset it.
      • Additionally anytime you update your password (either forgot password or change password) through mysecurepractice, you will have to update your new password within your software.