truForm: DSN - Converting TruForm Into PMS

  1. Within your DSN software, select the Go menu
  2. Select the Online Patient Registration Option
    360001211886 - 360067986191 - dsn1.jpg
  3. This will show the screen directly below, select the Import button
  4. The import routine will download any pending online registration/TruForms
    360001211886 - 360067986211 - dsn2.jpg
  5. Registrations will appear like this below:
    360001211886 - 360067986231 - dsn3.jpg
  6. You can now decide if this truForm submission should be imported as a new patient or an existing patient.

Importing a New Patient:

  1. Select the Add button seen directly below
  2. This will take you to the new patient wizard, any submitted truForm(s) will be displayed here:
    360001211886 - 360067782572 - dsn4.jpg
  3. The New Patient DSN wizard will walk you through this process, here you can change or add to the information provided.
  4. Some of the information is not automatically added, and the user will need to select the appropriate item or add a new item.
    • For example, the patient employer is not automatically added, you will need to decide if they have that employer on file or you need to add it in.  If it is on file, you can pick the employer from the dropdown box.  If you need to add it, just select the Plus icon.  This will start the add of the employer with the information from the online registration filled in.   We do it this way so the user does not end up with many copies of the same employer on file within the DSN system.
  5. New Patient Wizard Patient Information:
    (note:  this area below in red is to display what was entered in the online registration, so you know what it was if they change it.  This is a feature that is only partially implemented at this time and more is coming soon per DSN).
  6. Select the Next button once done verifying information:
    360001211886 - 360067782592 - dsn5.jpg
  7. The New Patient Wizard Account Information screen will appear
  8. Select the Next button once done verifying information:
    360001211886 - 360067782612 - dsn6.jpg
  9. The New Patient Wizard Contact and Referral Information will appear
  10. Select the Next button once done verifying information:
    360001211886 - 360067986251 - dsn7.jpg
  11. The New Patient Wizard Dental Insurance Primary will appear
  12. Select the Next button once done verifying information:
    • The Dental Secondary, Medical Primary, and Medical Secondary entry look exactly the same
      360001211886 - 360067782632 - dsn8.jpg
  13. The New Patient Status Information will appear
  14. Select the Finish button once done verifying information:
    360001211886 - 360067986271 - dsn9.jpg
  15. Once you select Finish above, the patient will be added to the system.

You can now view and sign the submitted truForm through DSN (LINK COMING SOON).