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truForm: Portal - Send Form Reminder to Patient

In this section, we will go over:

  1. Send Reminder
  2. Send Reminder Patient View


A reminder can be sent to any patient who has not completed at least one form assigned within your truForm Submission list.  The Send Reminder can be used within almost all non-completed form types (Registration, Miscellaneous and Consent truForm), aside from the Referral truForm section.

  1. Once you login
  2. Select Access Forms
    360057609871 - 360087755891 - pt1.png
  3. Select the form type submission list you would like to view, located to the menu on the LEFT:
    360057609871 - 360087756071 - send3.png
  4. Locate the 360057609871 - 360087765371 - send-not-completed.png form for that patient, and select the Actions drop down:
    360057609871 - 360087689412 - send2.png
    • HINT:  You can either filter by Not Completed, to find the correct patient below:
      360057609871 - 360090073391 - not-completed-filter.png

      OR, you can search for the patient name in the Search Forms field below:
      360057609871 - 360090083592 - search-for-patient.png
  5. Select the Send Reminder option:
    360057609871 - 360087689432 - send1.png
  6. A Send Reminder pop-up will ask you to fill out the form fields to send an email reminder to the patient.
    360057609871 - 360087757871 - send4.png
  7. (not required) If you would like to include an additional SMS text reminder using the patient's cell phone, select the Include SMS Invitation checkbox:
    360057609871 - 360087765271 - send5a.png

    1. Cell Phone fields will appear at the bottom, complete both required fields for the patient's Cell Phone and Confirm Cell Phone:
      (HINT:  You can uncheck the Include SMS Invitation box, and the cell phone fields will be removed)
      360057609871 - 360087698812 - send7.png
    2. If the patient has their cell phone number already on file, it will display their cell phone as read only in both fields:
      360057609871 - 360087699452 - send8.png
    3. If requested by the patient, you can change the cell phone number on file by selecting the Change Phone Number checkbox:
      360057609871 - 360087767171 - send9.png
    4. Enter the new cell phone in both the Cell Phone and Confirm Cell Phone text fields:
      360057609871 - 360087896032 - send9.png
    5. Now you can set the Set Lifespan of Quick Access Link dropdown, by default this will be set to 1 day:
      360057609871 - 360087896312 - send10.png
      **Each truForm invitation will include a one-time Quick Access link, which allows patients to access their assigned forms without needing to register an account with MySecurePractice.  The Quick Access link will expire if not used within the set period of time (which you can set above). 
    6. Once set, select the Invite button to send your reminder to the patient:
      360057609871 - 360087959451 - send8.png


Once you send the reminder, here is what your patient will see.  *Note: email invitations wording is subject to change, dependent on what template you send out.

  1. The patient will get the following invitation (wording subject to change if  you have custom email templates):
    • Email:
      360057609871 - 360088793771 - email-two-links.png
    • SMS Text Message (only if you opted to include SMS invitation):
      360057609871 - 360088793911 - 20210309_223352000_iOS.jpg