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truForm: Portal - Consent Invitation With Doctor Input

In this section, we will review:

  1. Consent Invitation with Doctor Input
  2. Consent Invitation Using Patient Mode

Please see the below demo on Consent Invitations and using Patient Mode.  


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  1. Once you login
  2. Select Access Forms
    360046303572 - 360062622992 - consent0.png
  3. Select the Consent option, under Forms:
    **Please note, you can use the Invite a Patient from the Registrations, Consent or Miscellaneous truForm pages below.
    360046303572 - 360062801031 - consent0a.png
  4. Select Invite a Patient
    **Please note, you can locate the Invite Patient button within the following sections of TruForm if they are active:  Consent, Registrations or Miscellaneous.
    360046303572 - 360062801671 - consent0b.png
  5. Here they can fill out the Patient First Name, Last Name and Email
    360046303572 - 360062798571 - consent1.png
  6. Additionally, you will have further non-required field options which you can choose to fill-out:
    1. Is an Appointment Scheduled?  You can include the date and time of their appointment, which will be included in the email/sms invitation to the patient as a reminder.
      360046303572 - 360088716291 - invite6.png
    2. Under Form Invite and Reminders section, you will find additionally options to notify your patient if needed: 
      1. Send Reminder?:  If selected, this will send a similar reminder email (24hrs before their scheduled appointment, as a reminder to complete their online forms before their scheduled appointment.
        • If you select this option, you must fill in the appointment date/time labeled Is an appointment scheduled?:
          360046303572 - 360088719671 - invite5.png
      2. No Notification to Patient (do not send Email or SMS) If selected, this will NOT send any Email or SMS notification to the patient.
        • Note:  You can use this to quickly create a form submission, bypassing notification to the patient (if they are already in office, and will complete these forms from their phone or your practices computer/tablet).
        • Note:  If you select this No Notification option, all other Form Invite and Reminders options will become de-active.
          360046303572 - 360088656892 - no-notification-option.png
      3. Send SMS Invitation?: If selected, this will send a text notification to the patient along with the email invitation to register and fill out their forms.
          • Once you select the option for Send SMS Invitation?, you will be required to fill in the Cell Phone of the patient, and confirm it again in the below text field:
          • This will send a two part text message invitation to the patient's cell phone:
            360046303572 - 360088657592 - 20201020_220204000_iOS.jpg
  7. Now under Which form would you like the patient to complete?, once you select the Consent Forms needed,  you will notice directly below the doctor required fields to fill out on the selected form BEFORE inviting the patient.
    • You will need to select an answer for each question/field presented (required)
    • If you select multiple Consent forms, you can scroll down to answer each set of questions per Form
    • The First Name and Last Name fields completed at the top of this invitation will be entered on the form wherever it asks for the Patient Name.
      360046303572 - 360062798591 - consent2.png
  8. Once everything is filled out, you can now invite the patient to this form, select the Invite button:
    360046303572 - 360062622512 - consent3.png
  9. The patient will receive an invitation email to register from, example below:
    360046303572 - 360063281551 - patient-invite1.png
  10. Once the patient registers through MySecurePractice, they will login and select each form assigned to fill out and complete:
    • The provided doctor/staff answers will remain locked on the form for patient review, and cannot be altered in anyway by the patient:
      360046303572 - 360062626612 - consent4 (1).png360046303572 - 360062803851 - consent5.png
  11. The patient can complete any patient end fields that are remaining (including signatures), and submit the form to your office for further review!
    360046303572 - 360062805151 - consent6 (1).png
  12. Once each form is completed by the patient, the doctor/witness can complete any active doctor signatures through MySecurePractice (Click here to see how Doctor signatures can be added to your Informed Consent Process)
    • OR, you may have doctor signatures turned off which you can now quickly integrate these completed forms directly through your practice software!



If the patient hasn't completed their assigned consent form(s) prior to their appointment, Patient Mode gives you the ability to open their forms for completion in office on the practices computer or tablet.

You must first Invite the Patient, and then you can utilize the Patient Mode feature below:

  1. Once you've invited the patient above, completing steps 1-7 below, their form submission will be at the top of your Consent submission list with a status of "Not Completed".
    360046303572 - 360080093091 - consent-submission.png
  2. Select the Actions button of the patients first non-completed form
    *noting patient mode will take the patient through all assigned, non-submitted forms.
    360046303572 - 360079953052 - consent-action.png
  3. Select the Patient Mode option:
    360046303572 - 360079953072 - patient-mode.png
  4. A pop-up will ask you to confirm this action, select the OK button to continue:
    360046303572 - 360079956772 - pop-up.png
    • As a security precaution, the MySecurePractice system will auto log your practice out of their current session
  5. The assigned patient forms will open in the same browser/tab, for the patient to complete: 
      1. If the patient isn't registered with MySecurePractice, they will need to accept the Terms of Use page before they can continue on to complete their assigned forms.
        360046303572 - 360080097151 - terms1.png
      2. Once reviewed, scroll down on this page and select the I Accept button to continue.
        360046303572 - 360079956992 - terms2.png
      3. If the patient has previously registered with MySecurePractice, the forms will open directly to the first assigned truForm:
        360046303572 - 360080097231 - form-view.png
  6. If the patient has multiple assigned forms; once they submit their first form, they can select the Go To Next TruForm button.
    360046303572 - 360079957072 - next-truform.png
    • This will open the next assigned form to be filled out and completed by the patient.  The patient can repeat step 7.
  7. Once the patient has submitted their last assigned form, they will see a final confirmation with a logout button.  
    1. Either the patient or your practice can select the Log Out button to get back to the login page.
      360046303572 - 360080097211 - log-out.png