truForm: Digital Signature

Digital signatures made easy!  Patients sign their forms from home using their PC, tablet or smart phone without the need for costly third party signature pads. Doctor and staff counter-signatures can be completed in the office or on the go.


    • Over the phone, your practice would schedule the patients appointment
    • Your staff would direct the patient to pre-register from your website to save up to 40 minutes in office
      1. OR you can invite your patient through the MySecurePractice Portal (you will need the patient's email, and a cell phone if you want to send a SMS text invitation as well).
    • Either on our standard forms or your custom form, we can enable your signature areas to be completed by your patients BEFORE the form is submitted online to your office.
    1. Patients can only sign online BEFORE the form is submitted
      **All truForm signatures will be programmed, and can be signed on the submitted PDF using a topaz signature pad.
    2. Signature options for your form include:
      • Signatures OFF:
        • The patient signature section will be completely hidden, once the form is filled out they can submit their truForm online as normal without any signatures completed.  
      • Signatures ON & Optional:
        • The patient can choose to sign the truForm before they submit it, or they can submit it without signing (as signatures are not required).
      • Signatures ON & Required:
        • If signatures are required, the patient must sign ALL patient signatures before they can submit their truForm online.
        • We cannot set individual signatures fields to required, this is a ALL or nothing setting.
  • Patient signatures can be captured in 3 ways:
    1. The signature fields can be turned on (either required or not), allowing the patient to sign before they submit their truForm online.    
    2. Through MySecurePractice once the form is submitted, your practice can open the submitted PDF truForm in Adobe Acrobat in order to sign using the topaz signature pad.
    3. Through MySecurePractice, you can print out the submitted PDF.  The patient can sign the physical submitted paper form, using pen.  Once done you can file in the needed folder, or scan back in to your system.

    Signing as a Patient (BEFORE SUBMITTING ONLINE)

    Similar to DocuSign, the patient signature will be saved once they complete their first signature before the form is submitted online.  Once the patient goes to complete any further active signature fields, their signature will auto appear and they be asked to select the Sign button to endorse their signature.   

    1. Patient would select the Click to Sign signature field
    2. The patient can choose to free sign with their mouse (from a non-touch computer) or finger (from a tablet/phone), by selecting the Draw It option in the upper right hand corner:2023-08-08_08-29-01.png
    3. OR, they can type their name as the completed signature, by selecting the Type It
    4. Once they finish their signature, select the Accept And Sign button
    5. Once the patient moves to the next signature, the patient will (if no signatures, skip to step #6):
      • Select the next Click to Sign signature field:
      • The signature modal will appear with the stored patient signature already added (this allows for faster signing process, as the patient will only have to sign once)
      • Select the Sign button to input your signature on the form:
    6. Once the form and signatures are complete, the patient would select the Complete and Send button to submit this form to your office.
    Repeat step 5 & 6 for each signature.
  • This will walk you through signing your submitted patient forms through our portal ( as a doctor.  If doctor signatures are turned on, the TruForm will need to be fully submitted by the patient before the practice/doctor can successfully sign and submit the form.

    Once the doctor/staff sign a truForm for the very first time, our system will store and use your signed (draw it) signature for a quicker signing process within the portal.

    Please note we do not store typed signatures, only signed signatures.

    1. Once you login
    2. Go to your TruForm Submission List
    3. Select the type of form you would like to sign (from your LEFT hand menu):
      *in this example, we are using the patient registration- ALL categories will work exactly the same!!
    4. Find the patient form you would like to sign, and select the Actions drop down to the far RIGHT
    5. Select the first option, Sign Form
    6. This will open your patients form and bring you directly to the first doctor signature field (if you've previously signed truForm under this login, skip to step #11)
    7. Click the area labeled Click to Sign as shown below:
    8. The below Signature window will appear, you can either select:
      1. Draw button: You can begin to draw your signature with your mouse (or finger/stylus on a phone, tablet or touch screen):

      2. Or you can select the Type It button:
        • Type your Signature in the text field that will appear directly below:
        • The font Homemade Apple will be selected by default, but you can change this at anytime before selecting the Accept And Sign button:
    9. Once done, select Accept And Sign to insert your signature and today's date onto the form
    10. The system will automatically take you to the next needed signature.
      1. Select the Click to Sign signature field:2023-08-08_08-40-14.png
      2. You will notice your signature is already inserted, which will be stored for any further truForm signatures needed. To endorse your signature on the form, select the Sign button:
      3. Repeat steps 7-8, for any other signatures needed.
    11. Once all signatures are completed, select the Complete and Send button to finalize this form:
    12. This will bring you back to your patient list of submitted forms.
    13. The completed PDF will have your patient/doctor signatures and dates on the form!!
  • You can sign the submitted truForm, by downloading the completed PDF form from the MySecurePractice Portal.  

    If you will need to complete any digital signatures once the form is fully submitted within MySecurePractice, you can review the information below.

    MySecurePractice allows you to complete both patient (before the form is submitted) and doctor signatures through our online portal as described above.

    Additionally any signatures left unsigned once you finalize the submission through our portal will be programmed so you can complete signing at anytime using a Topaz Signature Pad and the PDF submitted and finalized.  Please review the below requirements in order to complete this.

    If truform is integrated into any of the following software companies (WinOMScsHenry ScheinMedims), your software company may have a way to sign the completed PDF form through your software using a Topaz Signature Pad. 
    Please contact your software rep to review this first.

    Please note, WinOMScs 'CLOUD' versions DO NOT SUPPORT TOPAZ signature pads due to Adobe Acrobat Licensing.


    STEP #1 Select an Application to use for signing PDFs

    There are currently two applications PBHS can recommend that can complete truForm signing.  Adobe acrobat (a paid for app) and pDoc Signer by Topaz (a free program via Topaz).

    1. pDoc Signer - Free Application  (
      This is a free product that can be installed, created by Topaz for signing PDF forms using their topaz signature pad.  This product can complete signatures as well as annotation within the form as needed.

      1. Download the Topaz pDoc Signer 

      2. Additionally, please make sure you install the current version of SigPlus via Topaz:

    2. Adobe Acrobat - Paid Application (either standard or professional)  FULL VERSION IS NEEDED:

      1. E-bay:  Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Standard

      2. Amazon:  Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Standard

      3. Adobe:  Click Here
        **Standard would be a little less expensive, and can do everything you need regarding signatures**

    STEP #2 Select a Topaz Signature Pad for signing

    1. You can browse through their signature pads below:

    2. Here in support, we use this topaz signature pad for testing with TruForm. It is one of the less expensive signature pads and works perfectly for signing TruForm PDF's: (the USB option)

    3. *You will need to contact Topaz directly for pricing, click here for Topaz Support Information.


    Required Settings through Adobe Acrobat

    If you choose to sign through adobe, follow the below instructions:

    The settings below will connect your topaz signature pad to your adobe program from either a MAC or PC, so you can sign your practice's submitted truForms: 

    1. For use on a PC, download and install SigPlus before installing the plug-in below.  This step is not required for Mac use.

    2. Download the Adobe Acrobat Plug-In

    TruForm & Topaz Signing Overview

    To sign truForm correctly, please note the following:

    1. The TruForm must be submitted before signature can be completed using a Topaz Signature:
      1. Patient signatures can only be captured online before the form is submitted. 
      2. This signature setup would be used to capture any missing signatures after the form is submitted, signed by the doctor and finalized through our portal. 
      3. Once truForm is fully submitted through MySecurepractice, you cannot go back and sign via the portal online.  Your practice would need to have a signature solution using a topaz signature pad and Adobe or pDoc by Topaz.
    2. Open the submitted PDF truForm within either:
      1. Adobe Acrobat Standard
      2. Adobe Acrobat Professional
      3. pDoc Signer
    3. On the submitted truForm PDF, only one signature can be signed at a time (an automated date is given to that signature once signed)

    **WinOMScs Client Alert:  Please note, WinOMScs 'CLOUD' versions DO NOT SUPPORT TOPAZ signature pads due to Adobe Acrobat Licensing. 


    1. Topaz Support
    2. Adobe Support
    3. PBHS Support

    *Please contact PBHS support if you would like the ability to sign your truForm(s) digitally!

  • Please review with the appointed personnel who handles legal matters on behalf of your practice.