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Hosted Email


  • Our hosted domain email service is allows you to use your domain in your email. For example, if their RevenueWell PBHS website is "", this service allows your email to be "," making your brand even more cohesive. 

    Our hosted webmail services offer a 25 GB inbox and service management within MySeucrePractice (manage users, emails, etc.).

  • To access and manage your email service: 

    • To access the new email service, you'll start by obtaining your temporary login credentials. Find your temporary credentials at: using your existing MySecurePractice login.


    • Your mailbox can be accessed via a web browser from any computer, smartphone, or tablet without installing any additional applications.

      1. To access your new mailbox, open the web browser and navigate to the following URL: webmail.yourdomain.comFor example, if your custom domain is “,” the webmail URL will be
      2. You will be presented with a login screen
      3. The username is your email address. For example,
      4. Use the temporary password obtained in the previous step
      5. Select Remember my login on this computer if you log in from a trusted machine. Don’t use this feature on untrusted devices
      6. Click Next


      1. Login to Webmail
      2. Click on the User icon in the upper right corner
      3. Select My account
      4. In the My account window fill in and confirm the new password
      5. Click Update password and log me out from everywhere to save the new password:

        Note: Your password must contain at least 8 characters and at least one of the following:

        • An UPPERCASE letter
        • A lowercase letter
        • A number
        • A special character (,./!@#$%^&*, etc.)
    • The display name is the sender information that appears next to your email address when recipients receive an email from you. By default, the display name will include your email address and should be changed to the desired name.
      1. Login to Webmail
      2. Click the "User" icon in the upper right corner
      3. Select "My account"
      4. Change the "Display name"
      5. Click "Save"
    • Through your Manage Standard Email page, you can reset any active email passwords needed.
      1. Once on the Manage Standard Email Page
      2. Under Active Emails table
      3. Select the "Actions" drop down of the email you would like to reset the password for:
      4. Select the "Reset Password" option
      5. Within the Reset Password pop-up, enter the new password and confirm password below (noting the password requirements in red below)
      6. Once both fields are completed above (with the requirements fulfilled in red), select the Reset Password button
      7. This will lead you back to your Manage Standard Email, and a confirmation will appear in your upper right hand corner letting you know your password was successfully reset
  • Additionally, we have created fields within MySecurePractice for offices to manage certain email settings.
      1. Login to MySecurePractice
      2. Scroll down, and select "Update Profile"
      3. Click directly on the avatar/name of your user, located in the top right hand corner:
      4. Select the "Manage Standard Email Accounts" option:
      5. Under Purchase Options, enter your standard email website URL under the Domain Name field below:
          • If the domain isn't available, you will see the below red status directly below the Domain Name text field (this means there is already a matching account for this domain, please contact PBHS Support for further guidance).
          • Once your available domain name/website URL is entered, select the Next button located in the top/right section of your screen
    • If you have already purchased standard email through this account, follow the instructions here to purchase any additional standard emails needed.
      1. Once on the Manage Standard Email page
      2. Select the Purchase Emails button:
      3. On the Domain Information tab, you will see a drop down labeled Or Select an existing domain to modify
        • You can select the existing domain name you previously purchased standard email from, and select Next
      4. OR, you can enter a NEW website URL under Domain Name, if you have a separate URL you would like to purchase email on. Select Next.
      5. On the Plan Options tab, select the +Add a New Email button to add each email you would like
      6. Fill in the required Email details for this email address
        • Email Address
        • Display Name for this email address account
        • Create your Password
        • Retype your new password in the Confirm Password text field, and select the Save button:
          **Back on the Plan Options tab, you can repeat steps 1-2 for each email you would like to add.
      7. Now you can select the plan option as PBHS Standard Email.
      8. Once you have a set list of Emails to Purchase, select the Next button located in the upper right portion of your screen.
      9. In the Shopping Cart tab, select the Purchase button once your email, plan and terms are reviewed:
      10. Depending on your settings, you will either see:
        • A pop-up asking you to confirm your purchase with your card on file, select OK to complete your email purchase.
        • OR - You will be asked to fill out the payment information fields under Make a Payment
      11. Once everything is filled in correctly, select the Submit Payment button
      12. On the confirmation page, you will see a black confirmation in your upper right hand corner
      1. Once on the Manage Standard Email page
      2. Scroll down to the Disabled Emails section:
      3. Select the Actions drop down of the email you would like to repurchase:
      4. Select the option labeled Repurchase
        • OR, If you would like to repurchase multiple disabled emails, select the checkbox to the LEFT of each email you would like to repurchase
        • Select the Repurchase Emails button which will appear directly above the table
      5. A pop-up will ask you to confirm this action, select the OK button which will redirect you to the shopping cart
      6. Once the the Shopping Cart is reviewed, select the Purchase button to continue
      7. If you already have a Credit Card on File, you will see this pop-up below- select OK once reviewed OR - You will be asked to fill out payment information fields under Make a Payment. Once everything is filled in correctly, select the Submit Payment button
      8. This will bring you back to your Manage Standard Email page. You will notice that the disabled email(s) just repurchased, have now been updated and moved to your Active Email table. A confirmation in your upper right hand corner will also show.
    • Through your Manage Standard Email section, you can choose to cancel any active Standard Email accounts at anytime:
      1. Once on the "Manage Standard Email" Page
      2. Under "Active Emails" table select the "Actions" drop down of the email you would like to cancel
      3. Select "Cancel Email"
      4. If you have multiple emails, select the checkbox located to the LEFT of each email you would like to cancel and then select the "Cancel Emails" button which will appear in the upper left corner of "Active Emails" table (at least one email must be checked for this button to appear)
      5. A pop-up will ask you to confirm this action, once reviewed select the "Confirm" button
      6. Once cancelled, this will bring you back to your "Manage Standard Email" page. Here you will also get a final confirmation that the email(s) selected have been canceled

  • Can I use POP or IMAP? Yes. Both POP and IMAP protocols are enabled on the server.
    Is Hosted Email HIPAA compliant?
    Email is not HIPAA compliant.
    Secure HIPAA compliant messaging now available from PBHS. See more on our product, Securemail.
    • ADA members are pre-registered.
    • Endorsed by ADA Business Resources
    Adding Email Forwards

    In this section, we will go over how to add an email forward to your account based on the type of email you use.

    1. Once you login select the three lines in the upper right corner. 


    2. Select the option labeled Settings.


    3. This will pull up a new Settings window, select the option labeled Incoming Email and then the tab labeled Forwarding. To turn on forwarding, set Status to On. If you’d like for the e-mail that is forwarding to receive copies of incoming emails, you will need to check 'Save a copy of the forwarded email'. List the E-mail addresses you would like in the 'Forward to' section, separated by commas in the case of multiple e-mails.
    To save your settings select the button labeled Save in the bottom right corner of the settings window.


    What if I get suspicious emails? If you receive a suspicious email, please contact your local IT support technician to verify your system and network integrity and to consult on the best course of action for your practice.
    What if I want to move my email hosting elsewhere?

    If you have signed up for email hosting with a different company and PBHS is hosting your email, please contact the Support department. We need at least 48 hours* advanced notice (during business hours) to accommodate the changing of the DNS records to redirect email to your new email hosting company.

    We will need the specific record information that your new email hosting company will give you. These typically include MX and CNAME records. Some companies will also provide you with A, SRV, and/or TXT records.

    Please be sure to save any email you wish to keep to your new mail service before the time the MX records are scheduled to be made. Your PBHS mail will no longer be accessible after updating the new records.