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Launch Services


  • Launch Survey is our moderated review platform that allows practices to track and manage patient testimonials.

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    • 2023-06-27_13-25-12
    • From the main Surveys Dashboard, you can choose the "Promote Survey" option  to launch a new promotion campaign. This will send an email blast to the patients of your choice with a link to the survey. You can re-launch a previous campaign to new recipients at any time.
    • The Reputation Monitor section allows you to see your overall reviews reputation from across the web. PBHS Support can assist you with adding the URLs to your favorite reputation management platforms:

      Once added to your website for you, you will see these reviews collected by other platforms display here for viewing only. You will not be able to post these reviews collected from other sources to your site - but it will give you a great idea for your overall reputation from across the web!

    • First Time Login & Accepting Terms

      Single Review Link Campaign

      While request campaigns allow for and work well with multiple review links, the best user experience for your patients is to only include one review link per campaign.

      A single review campaign will create a more focused approach to review collection. To create a Single Review Link Campaign:

      Multiple Review Link Campaign

      Using multiple review sites will take the potential patient reviewer to a generated page where they can pick which review site to use  (note they can use the email or text link again if they would like to leave a review on both platforms). To do this:

    • In the Survey Stats section of Launch Survey, you will see a few categories:
      • Survey Overview - shows you a graphical representation of the total survey reviews submitted per month.
      • Top Answered Questions - gives you an idea for how often patients answer specific questions on your survey.
      • Overall Rating Breakdown - demonstrates how many reviews are collected based on overall star rating.
      • Average Ratings of Questions - provides you a compilation of the average star ratings submitted by patients for each star-rated question on your survey.
      • Reputation Sites Rating - this will show statistics from reviews brought in from the web!
      • All Survey Stats Sidebar - shows the total surveys submitted, total approved, those pending approval, and your average star rating. At the bottom it shows you the average overall rating and how many reviews that is based upon.


  • Chat Ai is an interactive website add-on that will automatically greet new website visitors and seamlessly maximize lead conversions. Most clients achieve over 25 new patients per month from Chat Ai! You work hard to get patients to your website - don't let them slip away.

    Our pre-trained library is a combination of commonly asked questions that can apply to many types of businesses as well as, in some cases, industry-specific questions & answers that have been developed for your digital receptionist based on common use cases. 

    Chat Ai helps patients:

    • Book Appointments (even after hours)
    • Quickly Locate the procedural information of interest
    • Register Online with secure online e-forms
    • Pay Bills directly through your practice website
  • Launch Chat is website add on that offers live chat. This is an older service that we maintain but no longer sell. Though we do not sell this product any longer, if you have this service and need assistance, please reach out to our Customer Support team: 
    • Monday - Friday
    • Hours: 8am - 6pm CST
    • Phone:  1-888-840-0739
    • FAX: 707-892-0997
    • Email: