ADA TV: Playlist & Chairside Consult


  • New playlists can be added at anytime. To add a new playlist:
    1. Login to MySecurePractice
    2. Select the "ADA TV" icon
    3. Within the Managing ADA TV page, you can:
    • Create a new Custom playlist

    • Edit Custom Playlists (Rearrange, Add Media, Remove Media)
    • View and add PBHS Shared Playlists - PBHS shared playlists can be added or removed from your account at anytime. These are typically shorter, silent dental animations and images that help facilitate patient education and case acceptance during your patient consultation.

  • Consult Mode is the perfect chairside partner, enabling you to focus on facilitating treatment planning and increasing case acceptance. Consult Mode enables you to play ADA TV content chairside via any device that can connect to wifi, such as a laptop or tablet. 
    • In most instances, you will want to have a unique shorter playlist(s) for Consult Mode. You can create as many playlists as you'd like. Your playlists can be specific for each consultation you conduct, i.e. creating playlists for each Dental Implants and Invisalign. 

      Additionally, PBHS has prebuilt consultation silent animations (per procedure), which can be added to an account at anytime. These are called PBHS Shared Playlists.

      Although offices can include YouTube videos in unique shorter playlist for Consult Mode, they may play ads over the YouTube video - which PBHS cannot remove or control in any way.

      Once a customer has created shorter procedure based playlist(s), they can now login and access those playlists through Consult Mode.

    • Although you can use your normal login to access Consult Mode, it is NOT advised if you are leaving this tablet/computer with the patient unattended. We suggest creating a Consult Only User for accessing Consult Mode. 
      To do so, when Creating a New User and choosing their User Role, select "Consult Mode Only."



    • 1. Login, select the ADA TV icon from your dashboard
      2. Within the Playlists in account: section, select the Actions drop down menu of the playlist you would like to view in Consult Mode 
      3. Select Consult
      4. Your playlist will appear, and should auto start playing the first item within your playlist:
      • The playlist will auto play from start to finish, and will auto loop back to the start of the playlist once it reaches the bottom.


  • How do I add media (Youtube Videos) to my custom playlists?
    1. Login to MySecure Practice
    2. Click "ADA TV"
    3. Click the "Actions" drop down menu next to the playlist you want to add a video to
    4. Click "Add Media"
    5. Title your Video
    6. Confirm "Youtube Video" is checked
    7. Copy + Paste the "Video ID" from the Youtube video URL
    8. Select "Done" 


    Why doesn't auto play work?

    Having trouble using Consult Mode or the Playlist Preview feature? The links below provide instructions on how to enable autoplay of videos with different web browsers: ⬇️

    Google Chrome Instructions

    Mozilla Firefox Instructions

    Mac Safari Instructions

    Can I stream on multiple screens at the same time?

    This is only possible by using an HDMI splitter or purchasing an additional firestick.

    Can I set a default playlist?

    If you have multiple active playlists, you can set your devices default playlist as needed.  

    Most ADA TV accounts will have activated Consult Mode PBHS shared playlist.  Once your Amazon Fire TV is connected to your MySecurePractice account, it will randomly pick a playlist as it's Default Playlist.  

    This can be changed at anytime, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Once you login
    2. Select the Silent Partner TV icon
    3. Locate the Devices in account table
    4. Select the Actions drop down of the Device you would like to set the default playlist for
    5. Select the Set Default Playlist option:2023-08-24_08-11-58.png
      • Or, under the Default Playlist column, you can select the edit icon to the left of the playlist name:
    6. A pop-up window will allow you to select the playlist you would like assigned, under the Default Playlist drop down:
    7. Once the correct playlist is selected, click the Save button to confirm this change
    8. Back on the Manage Silent Partner page, your new Default Playlist will be updated:2023-08-24_08-32-05.pngIn order to see the playlist update on your device or ADA TV app, you must Re-sync your device.
  • Refer to the charts below for:

    Common Troubleshooting

    Hardware Recommendations

    Common Troubleshooting:

    Black Screen - 


    1. Restart the Firestick:
      Hold the Select button and Play/Pause button simultaneously for at least seven seconds.
    2. Check for Updates:
      Hold "Home" button for 3 seconds > "Settings" > "My Fire TV" > "About" > "Check for Updates," once update downloads > Press "Select" or "Restart" to apply the update.\
    3. Reconnect to the Network:
      Make sure to have Wifi password on hand in case you need to reenter it.
      Hold the Home button for 3 seconds > Navigate to "Settings" > "Network" > Reconnect to the Wifi Network here.

    Enabling Auto-Play - 

    Having trouble using Consult Mode or the Playlist Preview feature? The links below provide instructions on how to enable the auto-playing of videos in different web browsers.

    HDMI - 'No signal' error • Toggle 'input' or 'source' on remote
    • Check HDMI number on the back of the TV
    • If device is asleep, power cycle
    If not resolved, restart
    Keyboard - 'Not working, mouse not moving' • Turn on, (rotate keyboard toward you, turn to green)
    • Replace batteries in keyboard, (x2 AA’s)
    • Check that the Bluetooth adapter is plugged into the back of the stick, found on the back of the battery cover of keyboard
    If not resolved, restart
    Network- 'Network not available'

    • Keeps disconnecting - may need Wi-Fi booster, confirm with Art, (dBm > 60 = booster recommended [this means 60% of data from the modem is not getting to their device])

    • Taking a long time to load - download time depends on the Wi-Fi strength, bandwidth, and playlist length, could be hours, days, weeks if it’s bad enough, (if the tv shuts off at night, it will restart and never load)

    ****• DHCP error - Power cycle, while Chrome icon shows as device loads, press CTRL+ALT+S, (hold CTRL+ALT then press S until screen changes), this will bring up the OS screen, ('kiwi' and 'password,') enable a hotspot on a phone/connect to another Wi-Fi in the office, once connected press US in the bottom right, connect to hotspot/alternate Wi-Fi, once connected, login to OS with User: Password: pb#610Hs, click US on the bottom right, (once viewing 'desktop'), then Network Connection Settings, toggle to use Chrome Nameservers, retry connecting to office Wi-Fi, this may take a few tries, once connected to Wi-Fi, go back to Network Connection Settings, use Automatic Nameservers, reconnect, goes to license number screen, (refer to restarted device section above).

    All other issues -  Uninstall and Reinstall App -

    1. Go to Settings on your Fire TV device.
    2. Select Applications.
    3. Select Manage Installed Applications.
    4. Select the app you want to uninstall, and then Uninstall.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Log Out and Log Back into App -
    If a client experiences any trouble using the application, they can reconnect to the API by pressing the rewind button on the remote, this will bring up the traditional options menu for the device, there they can select Advanced options > Log out > Log Out Now and then they will need to login with their user’s integration credentials to reconnect with the playlist

    Check for App Updates -
    Press the rewind button, then "Check for updates"
    Note - That is every way that we can support the product, if they are still experiencing issues, they can reach Amazon Support with the Contact Us button on the tutorial page linked above

    Hardware Recommendations: 

    Amazon Fire Device

    Compatible Models: 2018+ Firestick or Fire TV

    Troubleshooting Steps:

    1. Power the device OFF and then power back ON
    2. Ensure you’re using the correct remote for your device
    3. Check for / install updates on the firestick
    4. Forget and reconnect the firestick to Wifi
    5. Turn off screensaver settings on the firestick
    Samsung Device

    Compatible Models: 2019 +

    Troubleshooting Steps:

    1. Unplug the TV and plug back in
    2. Power the device OFF and then power back ON
    3. Ensure you’re using the correct remote for your device
    4. Check for / install updates
    5. Forget and reconnect to Wifi