Porting FAQs

Porting is the process of transferring your phone number(s) from one provider to another. Our porting specialist will guide you through the process and let you know when your porting date has been confirmed.

What numbers can port?

  • Any toll free, landline, and wireless phone numbers that you own
  • Limited to the United States

What numbers cannot port?

  • Phone numbers tied to services that require POTS lines should not be ported to RevenueWell, for example:
    • Alarm systems (fire, security, etc.)
    • Elevator phones
    • Credit card machines
    • Internet services  

How long does porting take?

  • Porting takes typically 7-10 business days unless specified

How do I complete the porting process? 

  • Fill out your Letter of Authorization documenting:
    • The number(s) you are requesting to port
    • Account number and PIN#/Passcode (when applicable) from your current provider
    • Service address
  • Note: It is imperative that the information submitted on your Letter of Authorization is identical to the information on file with your current provider. Any discrepancies will delay porting.
    • If you are unsure of the information on file, we recommend reaching out to your current provider and requesting a copy of your most recent bill or a customer service record (CSR). Note that the documentation provided must display the phone number(s) you are request to port.

When should I cancel my existing phone provider? 

  • Please wait to cancel services with your existing phone provider until the porting process is complete

When can I start texting from my phone number? 

  • Your Porting Specialist will let you know as soon as your port is complete and you can begin texting from your office phone number