Online Scheduling: Appointment Writeback

  • Enabling Appointment Writeback

    The following information will guide you through how to enable Eaglesoft appointment writeback for Online Scheduling. 

    • Confirm Eaglesoft Version
      We support Eaglesoft versions 18+ for appointment writeback
    • Upgrade .NET Framework
      Updating Your NET Framework
    •  Restart Practice Server
      You can now restart your server. (This will only take 5-10 minutes but should be done in the evening after COB as to not create performance issues during business hours.)

    Once logged into RevenueWell, walk through the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the Settings Icon
    2. Click "Scheduling"
    3. Turn Online Scheduling on using the toggle
    4. Scroll to select "Sync Appointments to PMS"


  • Using Writeback

    This feature supports: 

    • Appointments booked via Online Scheduling will writeback to the PMS after being approved in RW.
    • Appointments manually created in RW can writeback to the PMS.
    • Changes to appointments in either system will update the other.
    • New patients can be created in RW to writeback to the PMS.

    For appointments to writeback, Eaglesoft needs to know which appointment type from their list should be assigned. To do this, click "Edit" next to the appointment type in your RevenueWell Scheduler Settings.


    Here, you will choose which Eaglesoft appointment type correlates.

    You can also add a new appointment type and title it the same as what you use in Eaglesoft so that it matches:


    Each appointment must have a linked patient. No action is needed if the patient enters the same name & birthday the practice has on record. If the patient enters a nickname, the practice needs to confirm which patient record is correct.

    New patients can also quickly be added to the system.  
    Once you approve an appointment, you can change the Eaglesoft appointment type if needed. Make sure that your own name is selected as the Eaglesoft author (it tells the PMS who created this appointment).


    • Appointments sync to the PMS in about 2 minutes.
    • You will receive alerts if an appointment fails to sync. To see the sync error:
      • From the Scheduler screen, you will select "Sync Status"
      • By clicking on the Sync Error, you are brought to the Sync Status page, where you can review the issue with why the appointment request is not syncing.
      • Adjust the appointment details and click Submit to attempt another sync.
  • FAQs

    Does it sync with the practice automatically or do we have to wait for it to update? Or do we have to manually update? If appointment writeback is enabled, appointments will sync to your PMS after they are approved by the practice. Syncing should take about two minutes for each appointment. 
    If a provider leaves the practice, how does the scheduling tool update accordingly? Where do those appointments go?  How do I manage that?  If a provider is removed from the practice, this change will sync to RW and patients will not have the option to book future appointments with them. The practice will need to manually update their settings in Appointment Preferences to reflect changes to provider availability.
    How are time blocks from my PMS handled?   We currently import blocks from Eaglesoft every 5 minutes. For customers on other PMS’s you can enter time blocks directly on the RevenueWell calendar. These will also be respected when patients go to schedule appointments online. Note that while time blocks from Eaglesoft do show up in the scheduler, they can only be edited within the PMS.